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Open Source an Accessible Mental Health Solution to the Society

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the second leading cause of death by 2020. The public’s mental health calls for higher awareness from its people. Hong Kong needs to step up its game with innovative solutions to provide accessible wellness services. Void decided to make Hercules’ hypnosis meditation services readily available in an app so more people could experience the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere, free of charge.

Foster a Stronger Mental Health Awareness

Void has one mission: to create the superb mental health state that everyone deserves. As a Hong Kong based social enterprise, we aim to strengthen mental health awareness for our society. With our target to provide mandarin meditation audios for the Chinese and Asia-pacific region users, Void will foster a healthy and sustainable practise of meditation as a means of relaxation for the society.

Free Access for the Needy

The mid-low income families in Hong Kong are the ones who indeed call for the most help from the society. The stress and emotions they face daily are enormous and unbearable, yet the least taken care of. Everyone should have access to an affordable and effective mental health solution. Void will help them get through their daily stress, without having them to pay a single penny, as they deserve a superb mental health solution.

Demonstrate Importance of Mental Health Care to Students

Stress and emotions management should be learnt at an early age. As students ourselves, we understand the problems faced by Hong Kong students and reckon a better protection towards our mental health could be adopted earlier, with a fun, easy and tech-savvy approach. Our team would act as role models to demonstrate how easy but worthy it is to give attention to our feelings and emotions, by adopting proper relaxation methods.

We Create the Mental Health State that Everyone Deserves

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