Relaxation Made Simple

Inner peace in the palm of your hands

Stress relief

Manage your level of stress through simple breathing techniques, finger exercises designed based on hypnosis, meditation and psychotherapy. Start practising mindfulness on a daily basis.

improve sleep quality

Enhance your sleep quality and wake up fresh. Our self hypnosis recordings will provide ultimate relaxation and break insomnia.

boost productivity

Increase your energy levels, stay focused and accomplish more starting now. Our focus training will help you be more productive at work.

Our features

Meditation Audios

Designed by registered professional hypnotherapist, to boost up your mental health state and achieve different mental health purposes.

Finger Exercise

Based on haptic technology (3D touch), our finger exercise is a fun, simple and effective solution to ease your anxiousness, agitation, and enhance your concentration.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is what connects the body and mind. Our mini-exercise will help coordinate your breathing and calm your mind.

Easy-to-follow Routine

Stress relief takes consistent practice. Follow our routine to achieve a regular practice of meditation handily.

Relax Anywhere Anytime

Our hypnosis recordings and exercises can help you relax in the morning, on the bus, before sleep. Basically whenever you need it.

Focus Training

Meditation and hypnosis is proven to help improve concentration. Start focus training and boost productivity.

“The quality of our lives is nothing 

but the quality of our emotions”

– Tony Robbins

Our Team

Hercules Chan
Founder & CEO
Samuel Chan
Lead Developer
Charlotte Ho
Business Developer
Natalie Chan
Marketing Specialist
Polly Chow
Marketing & Design

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